Oxford Gap Year Programme

For over 25 years, the Oxford Gap Year Programme (OGYP) has allowed young people from all over the world the opportunity to enjoy a top-class educational experience living in the historic city of Oxford.

The programme offers four pathways for international students aged 16+ who would like to spend an enriching term in Oxford in preparation for their university careers.
Most students on the programme have completed secondary education and are on a gap term or year out before starting university

This course will help you to:

  • Experience self-reliance and growth by living and studying abroad
  • Develop your inter-relational skills with students, tutors and housemates
  • Form good study habits in preparation for university
  • Develop your academic potential
  • Progress to top universities worldwide
  • Expand your cultural awareness through weekly activities
  • Excel academically while still enjoying a fun and active social life
  • Develop critical thinking and writing skills