Hear what former students think of the Oxford Gap Year Programme.

Bernard, USA

“The programme gives me a chance to experience university life and the personalised tutorials are really beneficial in helping me think about what I want to do in the future. I also like that I get to experience the fascinating talks at the Oxford Union, even though I’m not an Oxford University student!”

Luise, Germany

I’m going to study law in Germany and this course has given me the foundations I need for this degree but also helped a lot with the language barrier. I feel much more prepared for university now.

You have very engaged and knowledgeable tutors who are genuinely interested in their subject. Their passion rubs off on you and you end up taking in a lot more.

Monique, Mexico

This course has been really useful in helping me to organise my time and working in the way I will have to at university, and the tutors treat you like they would a university student, which has made learning seem less pressured.

Gloria, USA

The course has social and extra-curricular programmes embedded in the course, as well as a wide range of subjects. The college has a very personal approach to things such as staff care and one-to-one lessons. The most rewarding thing about the course was having an Oxford Union membership and meeting people from all over the world.

Paulina, Austria

The programme was a great help for me in planning my future and gave me a good feeling of what it is going to be like at Uni. You can choose which classes you are going to take and the teachers are nice and very helpful.
Thanks to them, I never lost motivation.

Remy, USA

The programme has been an amazing experience for me. The college has helped me immensely with my essay-writing skills. Oxford Gap year Programme is different as it allows you to live and study in such a unique and international environment which isn’t available elsewhere. The focus on individual lessons and attention from tutors is very helpful.