Participation in the Oxford Gap Year Programme can help give students the edge when applying to competitive institutions, not least because the academic work they undertake may have direct bearing on the college courses they later pursue.  Their time in Oxford not only improves their chances of academic success but also sharpens their appetite for a college environment.


US Colleges

American college admissions staff are looking increasingly favourably at applicants who have undertaken challenging experiences on their own initiative, especially those involving travel outside North America coupled with academic and cultural enrichment. For those students who have yet to be accepted at an American college, assistance is available in completing applications and in producing the college essay.  Grades and reports are compiled for each course of study and these are sent on to prospective colleges, together with tutors’ recommendations.  For many of our past students, the recommendations they have earned in Oxford have made the crucial difference in securing a place at their first-choice college.


UK Universities

The British Higher Education system enjoys a world-wide reputation for excellence and costs compare very favourably with those of US colleges.  A growing number of international students are attracted by the possibility of applying to a good British university and are often surprised by the advantages of this academic path when it comes to range of subject choice, course structure and quality.

British admissions officers are nowadays willing to consider able candidates on the basis of their US qualifications and a number of our American students have gone on in recent years to take up places at prestigious British universities.  The college advises those who are interested in this option, by explaining the British Higher Education system and how to bridge the gap between their own educational system and the British one, helping students research courses, choose appropriate institutions and make applications and also, if requested, set up mock admissions interviews.